Ireland Donates - Ireland's Exchange Network for Charities and NGO's

Did you know that each year in Ireland, companies dispose of vast quantities of IT equipment, furniture and office supplies - the very items that charities and NGO’s need but simply can’t afford due to their tight budgets and limited funding. Ireland Donates is an exchange portal for items like these, created to aid organisations within the social field and help reduce waste on the environment.

If you or your company have something you wish to donate, simply visit the Ireland Donates website, click on the "On Offer" button and submit the details. Similarly if your group is in need of an item or service, simple click on the "Wanted" section and enter the request. Since you will never be asked to register your details or to become a member of Ireland Donates, the whole process will take less then a minute.

Items and services needed by charities and NGO's include the following:

  • Office Furniture
  • Computers, software (Office Software, Anti-Virus packages, image design packages, etc...)
  • Printers, Photocopiers, Fax Machines and Phones
  • Manpower (Expertise and Assistance)
  • Transport Services, Packaging, Advertising.

Ireland Donates also welcomes individuals and other NGO's/charities to post items they feel might be wanted or needed by others in the field. By working together, we can all make a difference!

Please contact Shane at for further information.