IPB Community Engagement Fund Opens Early April

IPB is committed to ensuring that this funding is accessible to grassroot organisations aiming to bring real enhancements to local communities. A further €1 million has been allocated for 2016.

The purpose of this year’s fund is once again to support projects rooted in the local area, led by local people and to improve the quality of life for those living in their community. It is aimed at empowering local people, enabling them to create lasting change in their communities, and will support activities that contribute to local 


To be considered, the project should be action orientated and create, make, change, or otherwise be intended for the greater good of the community. The project must improve the quality of life and general wellbeing of the community and must meet at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Healthier and more active communities – improve the health and wellbeing for all and promote an active lifestyle in the community.
  • New ways of working with young and older people – engage younger people in positive activities within the community; create a sense of belonging through community-led projects that aid older people in becoming independent and engaged members of the local community.
  • Improved frontline services and facilities in the community – increase and/or develop the use of community assets and services to bring about an increase in the promotion of stronger, cohesive and balanced communities and in the enjoyment, living standards, appearance and general wellbeing of local communities for the social and economic benefit of the community. 

Funding Levels

You may apply for one of the following three funding amounts only:

  • 5,000  euro
  • 10,000 euro
  • 20,000 euro.

Please consider the following prior to making an application:

  • Applications must be submitted online by 5pm (GMT) on 25 April 2016.
  • Only one application per organisation operating at a local level may be submitted.
  • Organisations applying must have been established prior to January 2014.
  • Organisations may apply for one of the following three funding amounts only: €5,000, €10,000 or €20,000.
  • Organisations must meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in our Funding Guidelines and Governance Guidelines above.
  • The application must be submitted by an authorised person on behalf of the organisation, who must be aged 18 years or over.

Applications open on 4 April. Before applying, please ensure that you read and understand the eligibility criteria.

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