ICCL Invites Submissions from Civil Society Groups on 4th Report under the ICCPR

In July 2012, the Government submitted its Fourth Periodic Report to the UN Human Rights Committee under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The submission of the State’s fourth periodic report took place as part of the Ireland’s recurring obligation as a party to the Covenant.

The ICCL is inviting submissions from civil society organisations (CSOs) on the substance of the Government’s report. The deadline for receipt of submissions is Friday 12 July 2013.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
ICCPR is a multilateral UN treaty which provides an internationally recognised legal framework for the protection for individual civil and political rights including, among others, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, electoral rights, the right to life, freedom of religion, the right to a fair trial, migrant rights, the right to privacy, family rights and the right to equality before the law.

UN Human Rights Committee
The UN Human Rights Committee, an independent treaty body, monitors the way in which States who are party to the ICCPR uphold, protect and defend the rights enshrined in the Covenant. It does this by requesting States to submit periodic reports on how well the Covenant is being implemented and by inviting States to appear before the Committee in Geneva to answer questions on issues raised in the report.

The Role of Civil Society in the Reporting Process
As part of this monitoring, the UN invites local and national civil society organisations (CSOs) to become involved in the monitoring reporting process by reviewing the state report and submitting additional information to help the Committee evaluate the performance of the State since its last appearance before the Committee.

When to Submit Information
Information should be submitted before the Committee draws up the List of Issues upon which the State will be primarily examined. Information can also be submitted after the list of issues has been agreed but must be submitted prior to the State’s scheduled appearance at the Committee in July 2014.

What is the List of Issues?
The List of Issues is a series of questions which the Committee will address to Ireland, which aims to identify the most crucial matters for the implementation of the ICCPR. It will be sent to Ireland in advance of the July 2014 session at which the Government’s report will be examined.

The List of Issues for Ireland’s next examination before the Committee (July 2014) will be agreed at the Committees 109th meeting in October 2013.

For more information on the reporting process please view the ICCLs Civil Society Toolkit on International Human Rights Reporting - Bringing International Human Rights Home here.