Hunky Calendar Cancellation Damages Charity Income

The Irish Cancer Society has warned that it is facing a significant blow to its fundraising efforts after the Dublin Fire Brigades annual calendar of fire-fighting hunks was suddenly cancelled.

The calendar, which features 12 shirtless firefighters from the Dublin Fire Brigade, has raised an incredible €330,000 over the past three years for various charities. And as the main recipient of the funds, the Irish Cancer Society relies heavily on the income generated by the calendar.

The reason for the cancellation - or at least the postponement - of the calendar is unclear. Although not an official publication of the Dublin Fire Brigade, employees have to seek approval to take part in the calendar. However, a source within the Dublin Fire Brigade told the Herald newspaper that officials did not want any firefighters posing without their shirts on.

Speaking about the cancellation of the calendar, Irish Cancer Society spokesman Kevin Delaney said that, "in the recession, every euro is important. Anytime year on year when something like this happens, it's always disappointing."

Hunky Calendar

The calendar was first published in 2007 and quickly established itself as a favourite stocking filler up and down the land, selling as many as 20,000 copies.

Not only would the fire-fighters actually pose in the charity calendar but they would also take to the streets of Dublin in the run up to Christmas to sell it, as well as to promote the good causes for which it was designed to assist.

As Delaney told the Herald, "Seeing them reminds people to think about others and support us, especially in the run-up to Christmas."

Apparently there are alternative plans are already in place to replace the existing calendar for 2011.