HSE to review miscarriage cases

RTE News reports that the Health Service Executive will review all cases over the last five years of women who were told in error that they had miscarried, and were recommended drugs or surgery.

It is one of a number of measures being introduced after a series of misdiagnoses came to light this week.

The HSE issued a statement last night detailing its actions to help prevent the misdiagnosis of miscarriage in early pregnancy.

A letter is being issued to all obstetrics facilities advising that the decision to use drugs or surgery in women who have had a miscarriage diagnosed must be approved by a consultant obstetrician.

A guidance document is also being developed.

A number of women have come forward this week who were told following scans that their unborn babies had died, but went on to have healthy children.

The HSE said more than 150 people have called special helplines set up since the first misdiagnosis came to light on Tuesday.
(Source: RTE NEWS)