The Hospital Saturday Fund Invites Applications from Ireland

Are you a registered charity, hospice or hospital in Ireland looking for funds for your medical-related projects? The Hospital Saturday Fund is a grant giving organisation which is looking to increase its support of causes in Ireland. Most grants awarded are about the €1,200 mark, but applications for any amount are considered.

Hospital Saturday FundThe Hospital Saturday Fund will consider giving grants towards medical capital projects, medical care or research and in support of medical training.   The Hospital Saturday Fund will also consider grants for running costs. 


Chief Executive of the Hospital Saturday Fund, Paul Jackson said: “Over the years we have supported many medically-related charitable projects in Ireland of a diverse nature, from major grants to medical schools in Ireland to tiny local charities committed to improving life for people coping with illness and disability in their immediate community. We are very interested in supporting more charitable causes in Ireland.”

In this current year €625,000 will be given away across Ireland and the UK.

The Fund was founded in 1873 by the Earl of Meath to help people to afford medical care. The Hospital Saturday Fund began its operations under licence in Ireland in 1949. The Fund has 'tailored' its benefits to suit modern needs and these are now offered through HSF health plan, a name adopted in recent years.
The aims and ideals of the founders have never been forgotten. Surplus money from the trading company, HSF health plan, is channelled into the ‘parent’ charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund for grant-making. In this current year €625,000 will be given away across Ireland and the UK.

Find Out More

Click here to download grant application guidelines from the Hospital Saturday Fund website, or contact the Charity Manager, Stella Morris at: or phone: +44 20 7202 1334.