Deal Effect: Sign Up Now & Help Raise €2 million for Irish Charities

Deal Effect, the new daily deals website that is being set up and run by and for Irish charities in order to generate more than €2 million for them, is going live on 29 October - but it needs your help in order to succeed.

Why It Matters

The big deal about Deal Effect is that everyone benefits - you (the buyer) get great deals at between 50% and 90% of their normal cost price; your selected charity gets a new steady income channel; and the Irish business which posts the deals get new customers for their brand. Deals offered from October 29 will include a range of products and services, including hotel breaks and accommodation, beauty and fitness, restaurants and lots, lots more.

To ensure that Deal Effect's launch generates substantial funds for charities straight from 'day 1', we are calling on everyone to take the two following simple actions now:

  1. Visit and subscribe (with your email address) to receive Deal Effect's daily deals email. There is no long winded registration process (it takes literally 30 seconds) and, by signing up you might just win an iPad Mini in the process! Visit the Deal Effect website now.
  2. The second action we are asking you to take is to also ask your colleagues, contacts, family members and friends to also visit to sign up to receive the daily deals email.

Please use your email and social media accounts to share this with your contacts, recommending that they sign up on and reminding them that Irish charities will benefit from every single Deal Effect sale. If you have a newsletter that you want to include Deal Effect in, we can happily supply you with content (email Gert Ackermann: for info). Similarly, contact Gert if you require additional content for your website, or if just wish to know more.

The clock is ticking down to 29 October - sign up at now to show your support.