The Governance Code - December 2012 Update

Review of 2012

After almost three years in the preparation the Governance Code was launched by Minister Phil Hogan on June 28th in the Mansion House, Dublin. Over 700 people attended the event which was also addressed by the Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly. Missed the launch? See the photographs and read or download the text of key speeches at the launch here.

Workshops to Promote the Code

The Working Group organised a series of six workshops throughout November in Galway, Sligo, Waterford, Cork, Tullamore and Dublin attended by almost 200 people. The format of the typically two-hour event included a short presentation followed by a question and answer session.

Members of the Working Group have also spoken at meetings organised by the Meath and Dublin City Community and Voluntary Fora and are available to make presentations on the Code at similar meetings. If you would like to invite a speaker please email us at

Organisations Adopting and Complying with the Code

Since June we have been contacted by 15 organisations who have told us that they have used the Code to review their systems and procedures and they certify that they now comply with the Code. We have also been told by another 122 organisations that they have adopted the code and are now working through it towards compliance. Both lists of these organisations are available on our web site Please check the lists and let us know if the information on your organisation is accurate.

Let Us Know

We would ask all organisations who have adopted or who have complied with the Code to let us know and we will add their names to the appropriate list. Such a listing will have the effect of informing others both in your sector and geographic area that you are involved with the Code. This will have the effect of encouraging others and will facilitate the creation of support networks to enable the continuous evolution of the Code. We would also appreciate hearing about how the documentation for your Organisation Type works for you.
Continuous feedback will assist us in reviewing all aspects of the Code to ensure that it continues to be the best support it can be for the sector now and in the future. Email us at

Strategic Review

The Working Group which generated the Code continues to meet to look at the on-going requirements of supporting and developing the Code. We have noted comments and questions to date and are setting out a strategy for the next period. We will put information on this on the website by the end of January.

The Governance Code Working Group wishes all volunteers and staff in Community, Voluntary and Charity organisations throughout Ireland a Happy Christmas and a Successful 2013!

 Governance Code 

The New Governance Code

Haven't heard about the new Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC) Organisations in Ireland

This new Code has been developed by the sector and for the sector, with the express purpose of enabling CVC organisations to achieve the highest standards of governance in the running of their organisations.