Governance Code Consultation Extended to 29 July

In response to feedback received during the series of seven information and consultation meetings around the country on the draft Governance Code for Ireland's community and voluntary sector, the Working Group on the draft Code has extended the deadline for consultations by an additional four weeks. The new deadline is Friday, July 29th 2011. This will allow board members in particular, the additional time that they might need to meet, review the draft Code and make their considered submissions.

The Working Group is asking all interested stakeholders to do the following:

  • Go to and read the draft Governance Code and become familiar with its content;
  • Use your organisational communications channels to share news and information about the Governance Code consultation with your board of director of committee and all stakeholders;
  • Make  a submission before the closing date of July 29th 2011.

The consultation period started on May 16th and here’s what’s happened since then:

  • The launch of a comprehensive and user-friendly website which hosts all the information about the Governance Code project, the draft Code for people to read online and download as well as updates on the consultation process. It also provides all the information needed about how to make a submission. Go to now.
  • A series of seven consultation and information workshops were held around the country:

and Sligo.

The workshops were well attended, engaging and insightful. A broad range of community, voluntary, charity organisations, including sporting bodies and arts groups were represented whilst attendees cut across board members, CEO’s/Managers and senior staff members from the CV sector, allied professional bodies, local governments, trade unions, educational institutions and government agencies.

  • The response has been generally welcoming, particular from board members who see this Code as a great way of getting certainty regarding their roles. Concerns were expressed about the need for supports for groups to get to the high standard as outlined in the draft Code.
  • As a result of the feedback provided during the consultation events, the closing date for submissions has been extended by four weeks and is now Friday, July 29th 2011.
  • Also, to augment the consultation events, a series of ‘webinars’ will be organised between now and the closing date. These will allow for further discussions, more elaboration of the details and the answering of questions. They will also allow for a more geographical diverse engagement in the consultation events.

All of this activity is designed to engage with the public and the wider sector so as to stimulate interest and remove any burden in making submissions. Submissions can be made even just by sending a simple email – it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make your views known by:

All feedback and all submissions will be collated and analysed and will form part of the revision of the draft code which will be conducted towards the end of the summer.

If you have any comments or complaints about how this consultation process is being handled, please also email:

  • uploading your comments to the via the ‘contact form’.
  • sending us a simple email to
  • responding to the internet survey that we will be emailing out next week to stimulate responses in a semi-structured manner
  • emailing a formal structured submission on each of the sections of the draft Governance Code by using this template for your submission.
  • Only electronic submissions/emails will be accepted and all enquiries can be addressed to . The names of all those who made a submission will be listed on the website after the closing date of July 29th 2011.