Geldof Refuses to Condemn Cuts to Irish Overseas Aid Budget

In a move that will surprise many, the outspoken anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof has refused to add his voice to the protests over funding cuts to the Irish overseas aid budget.

€160m has been cut from the aid budget over the past 18 months and already various Irish NGOs have admitted that they would have to scale back operations due to lack of funding.

Director of Trocaire, Justin Kilcullen, has now publicly called on both Bono and Geldof to speak out over the cuts, hoping that their celebrity and moral standing would put additional pressure on the Government.

Responding to this however, Geldof refused to condemn the cuts, saying that the overseas aid aollocation is "relative to GDP, which they always said. They made no bones about it."

Speaking at a recent event in Dublin, multi-millionaire Geldof also pointed out that when it comes to overseas aid, Ireland is still the sixth most generous nation in the world. "I am painfully aware that me, who is ok, is harping on to people in this country who are seriously hurt by this current malaise," he said.

Trocaires call for public figures such as Geldof and Bono to speak out against the overseas aid budget cuts is part of their wider campaign to prevent any further cutbacks in the aid budget in the impending December budget or beyond. The Trocaire website now features a handy guide to the actions that the public can take to help ensure that the life-saving work done by Irish development agencies is allowed to continue.

Visit the Trocaire website to learn more.