Fundraising Training Courses for Dublin in May

Training People, an agency specialising in providing fundraising training to non-profit organisations throughout Ireland, have announced details for two training courses taking place in Dublin during May 2009.

Researching and Securing Grant Aid

This highly popular one day course provides a comprehensive overview of how to find appropriate funders for your organisation or project.  The course will also provide an overview of the issues that need addressed if groups are to make effective applications for grant aid.  The Dublin based courses detail how to research funders interested in funding in Ireland.

Who Would Benefit from this Course?

Anyone who wishes to secure grant aid for their organisation or project.  The course is relevant to those with little knowledge in the area as well as experienced fundraisers who wish to improve their applications. The course can be tailored to suit particular not for profit sectors e.g. community groups, larger charities, arts organisations, sports organisations and church / faith based organisations.

Topics to Be Covered:

  • Finding the Funds - Techniques, tips and resources for researching funders  
  • The Top 10 reasons why funding applications Fail (and how to avoid them!)
  • ‘People give to People’ – how to build personal relations with funders.
  • A Step by Step guide to writing a successful Fundraising Proposal
  • Effective Writing and Presentation Styles
  • How to construct a project budget and common budgeting ‘pitfalls’
  • Preparing for an Assessment Visit by a funder
  • How to build long term relationships with funders

Time & Cost: Wednesday 13th May 2009, All Hallows College, Drumcondra, €140.00 for full day

Developing a Fundraising Strategy

This highly popular and practical one day course can also be delivered in two parts (for example on two consecutive evenings).  It provides an introduction to fundraising, outlines a 9 step fundraising planning process and explains a wide range of techniques and methods which can be used to raise funds.  Ample time is given for discussion, small group work and the generation of innovative ideas on how your organisation might improve its fundraising.

Who Would Benefit from this Course?

Anyone who wishes to increase their income through developing a fundraising plan. Workers, management committee members and volunteers who are interested in learning how they might use new fundraising methods to raise funds.

Topics to Be Covered:

  • An Introduction to Fundraising – Key fundraising principles
  • How to ensure your organisation has a compelling ‘Case for Support’
  • ‘The Fundraising Cycle’ – a useful way of planning for fundraising
  • A 9 point step by step approach to fundraising planning
  • How to evaluate internal and external factors that might impact on your fundraising.
  • Critical Factors for Success in identifying fundraising sources and methods
  • Creative Fundraising Thinking – assessing what will work for you
  • How to set achievable Fundraising Targets and time-scales
  • How to assess the resources needed for successful fundraising
  • How to evaluate your fundraising and use the results to improve future fundraising.

Thursday 14th May 2009, All Hallows College, Drumcondra, €140.00 for full day.

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