Fundraising in Tough Times - Roundtable Discussion in Dublin on Nov 24th

This latest EAPG Dublin roundtable discussion will facilitate discussion and examination of how Irish charities can best negotiate their way through the currenct uncertainty of the Irish financial landscape. The emphasis on this meeting will be on how develop a winning fundraising strategy for the future.

Discussion topics to include:

 - An overview of implications of recent developments

 - The six fundamental things to do now

  1. Focus on mission
  2. Develop a strategy
  3. Cut costs and consider consolidation
  4. Remember the fundraising facts of life
  5. Lead your board and mine your database
  6. Ask, ask, ask

 - Back to basics

 - What donors are looking for

 - Emerging trends

 - Future scenario

About Discussion Leader

Kingsley Aikins was born and brought up in Dublin and educated at The High School, Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. For five years he was the Sydney, Australia based representative of the Irish Trade Board and the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Ireland. He then ran his own marketing consultancy company. He was also a founding director of The Australian Ireland Fund and for two years served as Executive Director responsible for the growth of the Fund in Australia and setting up The Ireland Fund of New Zealand.

In January of 1993, he moved to Boston to take over as Executive Director of The American Ireland Fund. In June 1995 he was appointed Chief Executive of the Worldwide Ireland Funds, and in June 2000 became President and CEO of The American Ireland Fund and The Ireland Funds. He was also responsible for the successful five-year Hope and History Campaign to raise $100 million.

Info and Registration

Monday 24 November 2008

5.15 pm welcome for 5.30 – 7.00 pm discussion

Host: Catriona Fottrell, The Ireland Funds, No. 5 Foster Place, Dublin 2, Ireland 

Discussion leader: Kingsley Aikins, The Ireland Funds

To attend ‘Fundraising in Tough Times’, please email

Non-members are welcome to attend one roundtable in order to judge our events first-hand. EAPG is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity # 1089157)