Fundraising Survey Results Published

As many fundraisers will already have spotted, the Public Communcations Centre (PCC) recently carried out a “reality check” survey on the state of fundraising in Ireland. The results, whilst not scientific, do indeed make for interesting reading…

Survey Conclusions

The main conclusions detailed in the report are as follows:

  • The recession is affecting the vast majority of organisations that fundraise in a variety of ways.
  • Nearly all organisations (86%) are expecting their overall income to change. While over a half (53%) is expecting it to decrease, almost one third (32%) is expecting an increase.
  • Almost every organisation (92%) has income streams that are being hit hard and smaller sized organisations are being hit harder, especially from government sources.
  • Two-thirds of organisations (66%) plan for some increase in certain fundraising streams, especially ‘Regular givers’, ‘Individuals’, ‘Events’ and ‘Churches’.
  • There is a positive outlook on fundraising activity with nearly everyone reporting an increase in the effort to raise money.
  • Most organisations (84%) are not reducing the size of their fundraising team, with one third (31%) expecting to increase it.
  • The majority of organisations (86%) report increased activity in fundraising programmes, especially ‘Corporates’, ‘Events’ and ‘Trusts & Foundation grants’.
  • Thus, in recessionary times, it would appear that most organisations are being adaptive and pro-active in their plight to sustain and/or attract fundraising income.
  • This is a snapshot view of a market that is challenged by the recession. Further research would add to the trends and patterns that have emerged from this study and would provide direction for any future activity that could benefit fundraising activity.

Survey Methodology

This exercise was undertaken during the National Conference for Fundraisers in Ireland on the 26th March 2009. It is a snapshot view of a sample of fundraisers who chose to engage with the research on the day.

A self-completion questionnaire was employed to collect the information from the fundraisers. All attendant fundraisers were targeted by means of personal approaches to encourage participation in the exercise as well as distribution of the questionnaires in exhibition and coffee areas.

Confidentiality and anonymity were assured, so respondents were asked to supply their email contact details on a separate slip of paper should they wish to receive a copy of the findings.

The sample constitutes organisations that fundraise who attended the conference. A total of 125 organisations were present and a sample of 49 questionnaires was returned, thus, eliciting a response rate of 39%.

A total of 42 respondents requested copies of the findings. These constitute a cross-section of organisations: domestic and international, working in a variety of sectors, and of small, medium and large sizes.

A note on methodology: as Conor Byrne’s Fundraising Blog points out, the low numbers involved in this survey certainly don’t make the survey statistically valid and as such the results should be seen as anecdotal.

Read the Full Survey   

The entire survey results are available to download from the PCC website.