Fundraising Seminar for Non-Profits

Following on from the success of the Promoting Philanthropy in Ireland, 101 Fundraising Tips, The Ireland Funds will launch the Philanthropy and Fundraising Toolkit, a practical guide to fundraising in these difficult
times. The seminar will detail the tools required to promote and practice philanthropy and look at the different courses of action Irish non-profits can take to improve their fundraising capabilities.

The seminar will particularly examine the recent changes in the philanthropic market place and the role of donor development in a down economy. The Toolkit will focus on board development, the role of strategy and innovation, how to launch and run a campaign and the importance of donor stewardship. In addition it will take a look at the whole area of collaboration, cooperation and consolidation within the sector, how to go about merging with other non-profits and how to create a thinking environment within your organisation. The seminar will be full of practical advice and suggestions that you can immediately implement and help you through these challenging time.

Who Should Attend?

The seminar is intended for development or fundraising directors of non-profit organisations, board directors and trustees who have a vital part to play in any successful strategy and also the business community and CSR professionals who make decisions on supporting the sector.


  • Marian Finucane (broadcaster)
  • Kingsley Aikins (CEO of The Worldwide Ireland Funds)
  • Tony Elischer (internationally recognised fundraising consultant)
Find out more

Visit the Ireland Funds website for full details of how to attend this event.