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Fundraising Direct Marketing Seminar on 19 January

Fundraising Ireland and the Irish Direct Marketing Association are teaming up to run an event on 19 January that will focus on how Irish non-profits can maximise the impact of their direct marketing fundraising efforts during the economic downturn.

Community Foundation for Ireland Announces 2008 Philanthropist of the Year Winners

The Community Foundation for Ireland today announced the winners of the second annual Philanthropist of the Year Awards. Once again the awards were a huge success and the quantity, as well as quality, of entries was very high indeed. Read the rest of this article to watch video profiles of each award winner.

Recession Begins to Bite the Irish Charity Sector

The effects of the recession on the Irish community and voluntary sector are now beginning to show, as a number of the most prominent charities are reporting a decrease in income over the past 12 months. Rising unemployment and the ever increasing cost of living appear to have taken a bite out of the public's ability to maintain the usual level of donations that most charities depend on. All of this comes at a time when the demand for the services offered by these various charities is on the rise.

Committee Issues Findings on Charity Fundraising in Times of Recession

A number of charities came together on the 6th of October to discuss how the current economic downturn may effect our ability to raise funds. A Committee was formed at this meeting to look at how as a sector we might respond to these challenges and communicate key issues as appropriate to the wider general public through the media.

Vodafone Ireland Foundation Announces Latest Funding Partnership

The Vodafone Ireland Foundation (VIF), one of Ireland’s most prolific funders of charitable causes, has announced that it is awarding €150,000 funding to the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) in a bid to help raise vital awareness among Irish people about the need to ring 999 during emergencies.

Fundraising in a Cold Climate Presentation in Dublin in December

Non-profit sector specialists, 2into3, will present the findings of their report, Fundraising in a Cold Climate, in Dublin on 11 December. Part of The Wheel's CEO Breakfast Briefing series of events, the presentation will provides a comparative analysis of the impact of significant world events and market performance on fundraising and also examines the impact of recessionary periods in the sector.

Grundtvig In Service Training Grant Announces 2009 Deadlines

The Grundtvig In Service Training action programme has just announced its 2009 deadlines for funding applications. The Grundtvig In Service Training action provides funding for those involved in the delivery of adult education in the formal and non-formal sectors to enhance their skills and broaden their awareness of lifelong learning within Europe.

Grundtvig Funding Info Sessions Across the Country In November & December

Leargas is holding information sessions on funding available under the Grundtvig Adult Education programme in November in different locations across the country. The Grundtvig programme seeks to address the educational challenge of an ageing population and to provide adults with alternative pathways to updating their skills and competences.

Irish Health Charities Express Funding Concerns

The Irish Medical News (IMN) has reported on the serious funding problems currently being faced by a number of health charities. These funding problems stem from a mixture of Government funding cuts to a decline in fundraising events income and they apply to health charities both big and small.

Major Gifts Seminar on 25 November in Dublin

The European Association for Planned Giving (EAPG) will be hosting a morning seminar on the topic of "Major Gifts in Ireland" on 25 November in Dublin. The seminar will focus on such subjects as legal issues; gift/inheritance tax; cross-border donations and other key aspects of charity fundraising in Ireland.