Free Sustainable Fundraising Workshop in Sligo on 4 May

A final reminder that Clann Credo ‘Learn, Inspire, Share’ free workshops will be taking place in early May.

These workshops are part of a comprehensive suite of supports which Clann Credo provides to its customers. Other benefits of being part of the Clann Credo community include membership of The Wheel and €150 vouchers for The Wheel’s Training Programmes and Expert Services.

The upcoming  ‘Learn, Inspire, Share’ workshops are designed to help the volunteers who work on the projects that Clann Credo supports with Community Loan Finance.

  1. The first of Clann Credo’s ‘Learn, Inspire, Share’ workshops is on ‘Sustainable Fundraising’ which will take place in Sligo on 4 May.  For  more information click here >>
  2. The second workshop is on ‘Strategy and Business Planning’ in Dublin on 11 May.  For more information click here >>