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In Ireland we generate approximately one million tonnes of food waste annually while one in ten Irish people are living in food poverty. Not all of this food is actually waste. Large quantities are better described as surplus food. This is perfectly good food that, as a consequence of the modern food system, does not reach consumers and invariably ends as waste. Within communities across Ireland food businesses frequently experience food surpluses while charities struggle to provide food for those who need it most. Many charities recently have had their funding cut by 40% and are facing increased demand for their services.

FoodCloud connects charities to local retailers who have surplus food. In the past 2 years FoodCloud has helped retailers donate over 1.6million meals to charities, resulting in almost €2.2million of savings on food bills for the charity sector. FoodCloud works with over 330 Irish charities that use food including homeless shelters, women’s refuges, community groups and resource centres.

The donation process is very simple; the retailer donates the food and the charity picks it up. The charity is set up on a schedule with a local store and gets a text message if a donation is available. The message tells them the time they can collect the food donation and the type and amount of food available.

Cork Life Centre is a voluntary organisation offering an alternative learning environment to marginalised young people and one of FoodCloud’s partner charities. Don O’Leary from the Cork Life Centre outlined how the food donations have helped their service users, “The kitchen is at the very heart and the hub of our house and our work with young people so this food provides our students and staff with a chance to work together in a different environment, making a meal and eating together, rather than a working situation. In a time when small organisations are struggling for funding we could not overstate the value of the food donations through FoodCloud. It has been pivotal in stocking our busy kitchen and feeding our staff and students.”

FoodCloud is expanding and are recruiting new charity partners in Ireland. 

Daisyhouse Housing Association provides Supported Temporary Accommodation for homeless women. Orla Gilroy, CEO of Daisyhouse regularly sees how food donations bring their services users together. “We were an early partner with FoodCloud and Tesco and the difference it has made to our residents is terrific! The food brings the women who live with us together and we’ve seen strong friendships develop as they swop and share food and recipes. It’s great to come into the centre after a delivery and hear the laughter in the room, not only does this service assist in terms of cost, but it’s brought our residents whether new or long term together creating lifelong bonds.”

FoodCloud is expanding and are recruiting new charity partners in Ireland. If you are involved with or know a charity that is interested in food donations, please sign-up today though our website. After registering your interest a FoodCloud team member will contact you to discuss the process. Please note that while we do work with a wide range of charities, donations are subject to charity suitability and availability.