Focus Ireland Encourages Students to Stay In Bed

Focus Ireland has come up with a surefire way to get teenagers to fundraise on behalf of the organisation - by asking them to stay in bed! Read more...

The homeless charity is asking students to sign up for the Schoolmates Sleepover fundraising event on Friday, 16 October (or on a date suitable for all participants). Students are being encouraged to form teams to organise sponsorship for the sleepover, which can take place at school or at home.

Last year over 1000 students organised a sleepover in their home or in their school and helped raise €20,000 to help people who are homeless. This year Focus Ireland are aiming to expand the numbers taking part in this event and hope to raise more than €40,000.

Registered teams will receive an information pack containing the necessary sponsorship forms, wristbands, a parental consent form and lots of fundraising ideas to help you fundraise on behalf of homeless people in Ireland.

Find out how to register for this event.