Donations to Enable Ireland Charity Shops Down by 50%

Donations of clothes, shoes, accessories, linen and bric-a-brac to Enable Ireland charity shops are down an average of 50% in the past few months. Enable Ireland, a leading disability service provider with 19 charity shops nationally, says the gloomy economic outlook may be preventing people from donating. They’re urging the public to spring clean their homes, with advice from leading interior designer, RTÉ’s Desperate Houses Fiona Wilson, and donate their clutter to Enable Ireland.

Donations Drop

Over one sample week in February, the worst affected stores were Finglas, down 100%, and Clonmel, down 70%. Donations to stores in Phibsboro, Cork, Limerick, Ennis and Sligo were down 50%, while Navan and Castlebar were down 40% and Bray was down 30%. Central Dublin stores on Camden Street, Georges Street, Thomas Street and Capel Street were only slightly down, as were Galway and Longford stores. The only shop that saw an increase in donations over the same period was Drogheda.

Gerard Kenny is Retail Development Manager with Enable Ireland. He says “If people are not buying new things, they’re not thinking about donating them so that has to be affecting us. On the upside, the numbers of people visiting our shops is on the increase, as the public come in search of bargains. We need to raise awareness among the public to encourage people to donate so that we have the stock to meet that demand. It’s mid-term break time and the kids will be off so it’s a great time to ask people to do a clear out and donate to Enable Ireland.”

Spring Clean for Enable Ireland

Leading Interior designer and presenter of RTÉ’s Desperate Houses, Fiona Wilson is lending her support to the campaign for stock. She’s come up with some helpful hints and tips for people to help them to Spring Clean their homes. She says there are huge benefits to being clutter free! “People often don’t realise how much clutter they have accumulated in their homes until they stop to look. I’m advising people to take a step back and try and see their homes from someone else’s point of view. Anything of decent quality that you don’t use or need, such as clothing and textiles, accessories, bric-a-brac, donate it to Enable Ireland. Everything else, throw it out. You’ll be clearing your house of clutter and helping a really worthwhile cause at the same time.”

Fiona’s Hints and Tips for clutter free living are:

Before you start:

  1. Decide why you’re doing it
  2. Decide how much time you’re going to spend on it
  3. Involve the whole family or get a friend to help

The process:

  • Divide into four boxes (to keep, to store, to throw out, to donate)
  • Have a plan of action
  • Stay motivated by asking yourself the four important questions:
  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Why am I keeping it?
  3. Does it fit me?
  4. Am I just keeping it for sentimental reasons?
  • Don’t attempt to throw out kids stuff when they’re there
  • If in doubt, throw it out or donate it!

Note: Enable Ireland cannot accept donations of electrical items, broken toys or large items of furniture.