Deal with The Wheel brings leading edge HR to 1,000 nonprofits

The Wheel has this week launched an exciting new partnership with the independently owned Irish HR and Employment Law advisory and services company Adare Human Resource Management.

 Adare Human Resource Management offers decades of expert HR and Employment Law advisory knowledge and experience to The Wheel’s members.

The partnership will offer a full range of Employment Law, Industrial Relations and best practice Human Resource Management support services to The Wheel’s 1,000 members nationwide.

Established in 2003, Adare Human Resource Management combines an experienced team of executives and associates across the spectrum of HR competencies. Adare Human Resource Management also owns, maintains and manages Linea - the most comprehensive online reservoir of HR and Employment Law information and documentation available in the Irish market, which will now be available to members of The Wheel.

Adare Human Resource Management has been selected through ResourcePoint, a group purchasing network established by The Wheel to support Irish charities in their buying decisions. As part of the ResourcePoint agreement Adare Human Resource Management has put in place a support structure exclusively for members of The Wheel which enables each member organisation to avail of discounted Human Resource and Employment Law Support Services.

The Wheel and Adare Human Resource Management partnership was rolled out this week at seminars in Cork, Galway and Dublin with organisations attending ranging in size from those employing a number of hundred employees to others with less than five employees.Adare Human Resources

Deirdre Garvey, Chief Executive Officer of the Wheel said: “Most charitable organisations can’t afford to have a fulltime HR resource and also find the many fine points of employment law difficult to navigate. To address those gaps we are excited to bring on board a quality partner that has extensive and varied experience in managing many different HR and Employment Law challenges over the past decade. 

It comes at a timely point also as the expected establishment early this year of the new Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) will bring new structures and procedures for our members to deal with. We are confident Adare Human Resource Management will help our members deal with these challenges proactively and we are greatly reassured by the interest in the launch events happening this week.”

Mr. Derek McKay, Managing Director, Adare Human Resource Management said “We have worked extensively with charities and not-for-profit organisations since Adare Human Resource Management was founded and understand the dedication required to support the complex requirements of the sector.

The level of regulation has grown notably in that period and is an increasing burden for charities, NGOs and cause driven organisations.  Through a combination of the expertise and experience of our team and the extensive resource in Linea, we will be able to offer Wheel members a flexible range of options that will fit their own resources and that can be tailored and shaped to offer the optimum cost-effective HR and Employment Law supports for their organisation”.

Further details on the Adare Human Resource Management / Linea partnership are available on