DCU Ryan Academy Business Innovation Programme Is Recruiting

The DCU Ryan Academy Business Innovation Programme is currently recruiting for our Springboard funded programmes which commence at the end of September. 

Springboard is a HEA initiative aimed at up-skilling unemployed persons in key growth areas for the emerging economy.  This year, eligibility for the initiative has been extended to previously self-employed persons. This is a unique opportunity for individuals who cannot obtain any other state benefits to gain a valuable third level qualification.

The DCU Ryan Academy has run one of the most successful Springboard (and formerly  LMAF) programmes in the state of over the past two years, with the majority of participants either having found employment or created work for themselves. The Academy has successfully secured funding for a programme under the enterprise category.

The programmes cater for different backgrounds from highly skilled and specific to broad range or technically skilled.

1.       Business Innovation Programme (Innovation Management) aims to cross-skill experienced professionals and graduates in the key are of innovation, thus adding to their value proposition to prospective employers.  In addition, many of our graduates have gone on to create work for themselves, recognising the value of their existing skills and innovation function to companies who prefer to deal with outside providers rather than employees.  To date, 40 % of our 91 graduates who completed the programme in June have found employment or created work for themselves.

2.       Business Innovation Programme (Practical Marketing) is the new stream of the programme which aims to up-skill unemployed no-graduates who have some work experience in two key business functions – marketing and innovation.  The target applicants would range from former technicians, supervisors, administrators or alternatively graduates who do not have any management experience.  In addition, these participants would study two HR related modules, Skills for Success and Communications.  These modules are specifically designed to get participants “job-ready” and include the components: presentation skills, interview skills, CV and social media profiling.    We are confident that this tailored programme will increase the employability of this cohort of unemployed who do not have the confidence in themselves of relying upon a profession or third level qualification to assist them out of unemployment

Both streams of the Business Innovation Programme gain 50% of their overall award for the final module, Practical Research Project, which accounts for the complete second semester. It involves working in an innovation team of 3 for the Innovation Management participants, working with senior management in one of our host company teams.    Participants on the Practical Marketing stream work individually on a marketing based project in the host company.

The Award is a Level 8 Certificate in Innovation from DCU.

Applications have been received and assessed throughout the summer and we are now entering the final phase to recruit the remainder of our 150 participants for the September in take. 

We are hosting an information session on Tuesday, September 11th in the DCU Ryan Academy. The information session is designed to give potential applicants a full appreciation of the programmes on offer. In addition, recent graduates of the BIP will present on their experiences and outcomes

If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact: Anne Marie Scott at 01 7006764.