Daffodil Day Takes Bloom Despite Economic Gloom

With an ambitious fundraising target of €4.25 million, the Irish Cancer Society’s (ICR) annual Daffodil Day – which took place on Friday, 20 March - was always going to be a challenge. Yet, if there is one cause for which people are likely to stump up their spare change, it would surely be anything cancer-related. However, the Independent has reported over the weekend about IRC concerns that their target has not been met.

Volunteers collecting across the country on Friday reported that people were “waiting for their change”, as opposed to past years when they would have been more likely to include any change as part of their contribution. Jill Clark, the IRC’s Head of Fundraising, told the Independent about the “mixed messages” coming in from volunteers dealing directly with the public.

Ms Clark told the Independent that early assessments of donations suggested they were “slow” and that the IRC was “apprehensive” that the fundraising drive may not achieve the target. Yet, despite these initial reports, the Irish Cancer Society is still said to be hopeful that not only will its "slightly aggressive" fundraising target be achieved, but that it will ulimately be surpassed.

The proceeds raised from Daffodil Day will go to fund nationwide nursing services in homes and hospitals across the country, as well as the National Cancer Helpline, cancer nurse education and counselling services.

Daffodil Day saw more than 300,000 fresh cut daffodils on sale in the Dublin area alone. And there were one million silk daffodil badges and 60,000 lapel pins being offered on streets and in shops across the nation.