CV Pillar to Brief Oireachtas

The 17 member groups of the Community and Voluntary Pillar of Social Partnership (which includes The Wheel) will be holding a special briefing on Wednesday (19 October) for members of the Oireachtas on The Pillar's latest document entitled Choosing a Viable Future in Precarious Times. The paper will form the basis of the Pillar's Pre-Budget submission to the Department of Finance and sets out an alternative to the austerity approach being pursued by Government.

Difficult choices face Ireland at this moment in its history but options do exist.

The paper notes that Ireland is at a critical moment in its history. It is facing a series of interlinked crises that threaten our viability as a nation. These crises are fiscal, banking, economic, social and reputational.  These crises challenge Irish society to identify clearly the sustainable future it seeks to build and to map out credible steps towards reaching that future.  The Pillar argues that it is crucial at a time such as this that Government make decisions that are fair and just, that protect the vulnerable and ensure that the cost of Ireland’s restructuring is fairly spread. It is also important in this context to remind ourselves that Ireland is not a poor country and that we do have choices.

Much of the public debate in recent months has been dominated by a narrative that suggests Ireland has no choices. That is untrue.  Difficult choices face Ireland at this moment in its history but options do exist. Different choices will produce different futures.  Choices exist even within the terms of Ireland’s Bailout Agreement with the IMF/ECB/EC. The Pillar is looking forward to meeting with Oireachtas members on the 19th October to discuss these issues further.

If you would like further information on the contect of the paper please contact Ivan Cooper: