Consultation Process On Strengthening Civil Service Accountability and Performance

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr Brendan Howlin T.D., published a consultation paper on Strengthening Civil Service Accountability and Performance in line with Programme for Government commitments.

The Minister said:

“The Programme for Government sets out significant changes to the current legislative framework governing ministerial responsibility and the accountability of civil servants. The consultation paper on Strengthening Civil Service Accountability and Performance is being published to inform and promote public debate both within and outside the civil service on the key themes, policy and legislative options to deliver on more effective accountability arrangements.

I believe that this is a critical project because stronger accountability goes hand in hand with improved performance. Maximising performance is vital to delivering on the overall ambition of a better public service. By enhancing accountability arrangements both the civil service and the political system can be empowered to be more effective and help build trust among citizens that effective and well informed choices are being made as to how taxpayers’ money is spent.  The purpose of this paper is to focus on where the appropriate balance lies in holding ministers and officials to account while supporting essential innovation and creativity in public administration.”

The Minister has established an Independent Panel to oversee the consultation process, review submissions received, and develop recommendations for his consideration. The Independent Panel is chaired by Professor Kevin Rafter. The other members of the Independent Panel are Ms. Dorothea Dowling and Mr. Michael Howard. The Panel will operate on a pro bono basis.