Community & Voluntary Groups Invited to Open Government Conversation Meeting

Community and voluntary organisations are invited to attend the first public gathering of citizens and civil society members on 10 July 2013 (09:15-16:30) at the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin to help shape Ireland’s first Open Government Partnership Action Plan.

This event will introduce the Open Government Partnership and allow participants to exchange ideas on key topics and priorities for Open Government. The day will focus on working group discussions - participants will have an opportunity to join one of four working groups. For details on working groups and to register, scroll down. 

Ireland & the Open Government Partnership 
The Open Government Partnership is a global initiative launched in 2011 and now composed of 59 countries. Its aim is to secure commitments from governments to share more information about their activities. The intention is to increase civic participation in decision-making, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In May 2013, Ireland signaled its intention join OGP - undertaking to develop an Action Plan through a multi-stakeholder process involving the active engagement of citizens and civil society with government. The 10 July meeting is the first of three planned as part of an initial process of consultation towards making this plan.Over the coming weeks - and at two more public meetings - working group members will collaborate on citizens’ and civil society’s Open Government Action Plan proposals. A second meeting will be held on 8 August in the same venue, with a third in early September (precise time and venue to be confirmed). If you cannot attend all three meetings, you will still have an opportunity to contribute online.

08.45-09:15                             Registration and tea/coffee              
09:15-09:30                             Welcome and opening remarks
09:30-11:00                             Introduction to OGP – presentations and discussions
11:00-11:30                             Tea/coffee                       
11:30-12:00                             Introduction to working groups
12:00-13:30                             Working Group discussions
13:30-14:30                             Lunch
14:30-15:00                             Plenary: Reports from working groups
15:00-16:00                             Plenary: A chance to ‘cross-fertilise’ ideas
16:00-16:30                             Wrap up and next steps

Working Groups
Working groups will focus on OGP’s four core principles of Transparency, Citizen Participation, Accountability and Technology & Innovation.

  • Transparency:  information on government activities and decisions is open, comprehensive, timely, freely available to the public and meets basic open data standards (e.g. raw data, machine readability)
  • Citizen Participation: governments seek to mobilize citizens to engage in public debate, provide input, and make contributions that lead to more responsive, innovative and effective governance.
  • Accountability: there are rules, regulations and mechanisms in place that call upon government actors to justify their actions, act upon criticisms or requirements made of them, and accept responsibility for failure to perform with respect to laws or commitments.
  • Technology & Innovation: governments embrace the importance of providing citizens with open access to technology, the role of new technologies in driving innovation, and the importance of increasing the capacity of citizens to use technology. 


Paul Maassen, Civil Society Coordinator for the Open Government Partnership

Gavin Sheridan, Freedom of Information campaigner, founder of Gavin's blog

David Farrell, Professor of Politics, University College Dublin. In 2011 he was the academic director of We the Citizens, a major national initiative funded by Atlantic Philanthropies. He is currently the research director of the Irish Constitutional Convention.

Who should attend?
The event is open to citizens and civil society - anyone interested in or engaged with promoting any aspect of open government, such as increasing the availability of information on government activities; supporting civic participation; implementing high standards of professional integrity in government and business; and increasing access to new technologies for openness, accountability and improved public services.The event will be live-streamed and available on the consultation website,

Register here - you can also choose a working group to join by clicking on 'complete your ticket' on the registration page