Community Foundation for Ireland Launches New 'Caring Communities' Grant Strategy

After twelve years, The Community Foundation for Ireland has undertaken a review of its grantmaking from its own funds and has developed a new Grants Strategy, ‘Caring Communities’. Therefore, from January 2013, The Community Foundation’s Grassroots Grants are no longer available.

Background to the New Strategy

Throughout 2012 The Foundation consulted with its stakeholders - through a Grantee Survey, Grantee Workshop, Sector Research, Donor Survey and through a review of grantmaking to date - to assess where grants can make the best impact in the Irish community and voluntary sector. Whilst acknowledging the value of Grassroots Grants to grantees throughout the years, it has also been recognised that some of the areas were no longer making the difference they originally had, and that the needs of groups are dramatically different now.

For The Foundation also, there is the need to learn from and measure impact in grantmaking and therefore there will be a bigger focus on Evaluation through Outcome Reports, Site Visits and Learning Network Events where grantees will be encouraged to share learning with their peers. 

New Directions...

Caring Communities is The Foundation's new two year strategy for 2013 and 2014 and grants are targeted at very specific areas. The three categorries within the Caring Communities Grant Programme are:

  1. Caring & Older People
  2. Migrants
  3. Mental Health & Stigma

The deadline for applications is 29 March, 2013.

Each of the three categories has its own detailed criteria. You can find out more - including how to submit an application and specific criteria - by clicking here