Colin Farrell to Take Three Lucky Fundraisers to Dinner

A young Irish woman who battles daily with an excruciating skin condition was overwhelmed when actor Colin Farrell agreed to a dinner date to help raise funds for her charity.

Emma Fogarty (25) is just one of dozens across Ireland who are described as 'butterfly children' as their skin is as delicate as a butterfly's wings. Emma, who lives with her sister Catherine (15) and her parents Malachy and Patricia in Abbeyleix, Co Laois, was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) as a tiny baby.

"It was a huge shock to my parents when they found out I was born with it," she said.

Emma's fingers have fused together as a result of the disorder and she said that she finds it difficult to walk. And she has to tend to the bandages which cover her body every day.

"I get up in the morning and I do my bandages first thing, to get it over with," she explained. "I have to take off the old bandages and burst any blisters which have appeared over night.

"It's normal for me, I have never known anything else," she added.

A dressing routine can take as much as one and a half hours for Emma, and after that she can take her medication and get disconnected from her feeding tube.

"EB affects my internal organs too and from eating in the past it has scarred my throat and that's why I have such problems," she said.

But she said that she was overjoyed when Hollywood actor Colin Farrell agreed to help out in fundraising with DEBRA Ireland, which will assist with providing carers and also fund vital research. The dad-of-two said that he was so moved by the strength of the butterfly children that he would offer up his time to have a dinner date with a select number of people who raise the most money for the charity.

Colin Farrell will sit face-to-face with just three women who have registered to run the mini marathon for the organisation.

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