Charity Christmas Cards At a Super Discount Rate!

The Wheel

Doggett Print & Design, preferred print partners to The Wheel have an amazing offer directed to charities, the voluntary sector and members of The Wheel.

Doggett Print & Design

The Offer

At present, the cost of creating and selling a Christmas Card pack can be prohibitive as the print runs normally needed are out of budget for a lot of charities. This means that the funds and message awareness gained through this form of product are lost to the smaller organization.

Doggett Print&Design, being a large producer of printed materials are now willing to offer Christmas Card packs at a greatly discounted rate. The BIG draw is that they will be branded with your organisation’s name and be as attractive to the purchaser as any other Christmas Card Pack available on the market.

This means you will receive all of the profits to your charity and the important thing is that your message can be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people

How We Do It

Doggett use their purchasing strength to bring in the raw materials and machine time at large volume rates. So rather than you paying small volume rates, which has never been profi table in the past, you can now avail of this unique opportunity.

What you receive: 6 Standard Designs with your company logo and message printed on the inside, and the Printed in Ireland (Supporting Irish Jobs on the Outside).

2 x 6 (12 Cards and Envelopes) of these designs per pack. Packaged in a beautiful display box, wrapped with your charity logo.

Doggett offer several levels to this scheme:

  1. Orders of 200 and above packs €2.85 per pack
  2. Orders of 400 and above packs €2.14 per pack
  3. Orders of 600 and above packs €1.86 per pack
  4. Orders of 800 and above packs €1.74 per pack
  5. Orders of 1,000 and above packs €1.60 per pack

See our designs here.

Place your order here.

This offer is subject to a minimum amount of orders received from organisations to allow the volume discount to happen. All prices are ex VAT. The six designs are final. Doggett Print&Design reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

For further information, or to place an order, please contact:

Ciarán Ó Cuinneagáin on 086-917 2464 or 01-453 3151 or email: