Charity calls on Government to Facillitate ATM Donations

Friends of the Elderly has called on Government to allow donations through ATMs.

This follows last week’s introduction of a Green Paper in Britain exploring the possibility of facilitating charitable donations through bank machines. The Green Paper also includes a plan to allow people to make small charitable donations when paying for goods by cards in shops.

Friends of the Elderly spokesman Dermot Kirwan said it would be very easy to introduce a system whereby the customer is asked if they want to make a donation to a charity, in the same way they are given the option to check their balance.

"All Irish charities have suffered a huge drop in donations from the public," said Mr Kerwin.

"Many have had to cut down on services, leaving thousands of vulnerable people without the vital supports."

Friends of the Elderly believes that the 'give in an instant' option of donating to charities though cash machines will be welcomed by the public and will be a big boost to charities.

They also called on shops to encourage customers to 'round up the euro' when using a debit or credit card, with the extra money going to charity.

(Sources: The Irish Independent, The Irish Times)