Charity Appeals for Unwanted Christmas Gifts

With an eye on recycling Christmas cheer as well as helping out elderly people in need, Age Action has today urged the Irish public to donate any unwanted Christmas gifts to the charity.

Daragh Matthews, the head of business development at Age Action, recently told the Evening Herald that donating presents would provide the organisation with much-needed funding to continue its work, adding that, “Finding the funding to continue and expand these services is one of the biggest challenges for us in 2009, and our charity shops are a vital source of revenue”.

Mr Matthews went on to say that, “For every euro we receive in state support, we have to bring in eight euro from our fundraising activities”.

Anyone who wishes to donate an unwanted gift can simply drop it off at one of Age Action’s local charity shops. Unwanted gifts can be dropped in at the shops in Camden Street, Dublin 2, Dun Laoghaire, Monaghan, Castlebar or Upper Abbeygate Street, Galway. Funding from these stores help older people who wish to remain at home, providing them with basic DIY and a home visitation service.

Note: due to safety regulations, Age Action can only take electrical goods if they are new and the packaging has not been opened. The shops cannot accept food, perishable items, alcohol or large items of furniture.