Cancer Charity Income Declines by 12%

The Irish Cancer Society (ICS) has announced that its annual incomes has dropped by €2 million in 2009. This represents a 12% fall in funding for the ICS which has just launched its Christmas campaign to help tackle this shortfall.

The funding fall has taken place at the same time that the ICS estimates that there has been as much as a 21% increase in demand for its cancer services year-on-year since 2007. This demand for services means that while in 2008 the ICS provided 5,725 nights of care to 1,642 patients, the 2009 estimate suggests that the ICS will have provided 6,500 nights to approximately 2,000 patients.

Rise in Cancers

The latest figures from the Irish Cancer Registry show that 27,900 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Ireland in 2007 and it is estimated that the number of newly diagnosed cases of cancer are increasing by as much as 7% annually.

The ICS has a track record of providing patient services to those afflicted with the disease, including through such means as the National Cancer Helpline and the Action Breast Cancer Helpline, which along with the Prostate Cancer Information Service, has responded to almost 15,000 already in 2009.

John McCormack, ICS CEO, commented on the decline in donations: "Unfortunately cancer is an illness that has or will affect all either directly or indirectly at some point in our lives and in this tough economic climate, a cancer diagnosis is having more of a profound effect on a patient and their family’s ability to cope with and manage their disease resulting in significant hardship."

He also paid tribute to those who have supported the ICS during 2009. "We, like a lot of charities, dip into people’s disposable income, that is where we look for money, and clearly when people are experiencing difficulties with their income that impacts on the Irish Cancer Society’s income," he said.

Christmas Campaign

Among the attractive the many different ways the public are being encouraged to support ICS this Christmas, they will be able to purchase Christmas cards and gifts, buy the Out of Your Tree book or purchase the light-hearted Dip in the Nip calendar!