Call for More Vetting of Charity Street Collectors

Gardaí have announced their intention to check the permits of street collectors for charities in Killarney, following a number of complaints about fraudulent collections.
As reported on Supt Flor Murphy, Killarney, disclosed that convicted criminals have been found to be collecting on behalf of registered charities in the town.
Collectors from others parts of the country have frequently been seen collecting in Killarney, particularly at the height of the tourist season.

“I’ve seen five different charities in Killarney in one day and something has to be done."

Supt Murphy said that some charity collectors have been prosecuted for not having their permits in order. Addressing a meeting of the Killarney Joint Policing Committee, he confirmed that local gardaí would in the future be more vigorous in the checking of the permits of those collecting in the town.
The meeting also saw discussion of the issue of a lack of vetting of collectors by the various charities collecting in the area. Cllr Donal Grady (Ind) called for a tighening of the laws regarding street collections and, in particular, the vetting of the collectors themselves.
“I’ve seen five different charities in Killarney in one day and something has to be done. The general public feel this is causing problems in the town,’’ Cllr Grady said. 
“Permits are being issued in Dublin courts for the rest of the country, which is ridiculous.” 

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Collecting donations / fundraising in a public place requires a Garda permit (apply locally). Read more about fundraising from the public here.
The Wheel also recommends that all Irish fundraisers adhere fully to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, which you can read more about here.