Call to Match Food Surplus with Food Scarcity

In recent months, both French and Italian governments have come on course to introduce legislation encouraging supermarkets to donate their food surpluses to local charities.  They join a global debate about the troubling irony of wasting perfectly good food while record numbers of people suffer from food poverty across the world.

In Ireland, 1 in 8 people suffer from food poverty while the food industry wastes enough food to fill Croke Park to the brim! Positively though, Ireland has emerged as a leader in tackling this environmental and moral issue. Two non-profit organisations have produced Europe’s first holistic solution to food surplus that puts local communities at its core!

Together, Bia Food Initiative and their strategic partners, FoodCloud, act as a bridge between all sectors of the food industry and charities operating in local communities across Ireland. Together they enable a diverse range of food businesses to donate surplus food in whatever quantities or through whatever method suits them best.

While FoodCloud facilitating the rescue of food surplus at a retail level, Bia Food Initiative works at ware-house level, receiving bulk food donations from food producers and distributors nationwide. Food is often over-ordered or labelled incorrectly, resulting in distributors wasting it rather than moving it on to retailers. Bia Food Initiative provides an alternative avenue for this food. They source it and store it in one of their three depots in Cork, Galway and Dublin, and re-distribute it to charities nationwide, providing extraordinary cost savings.

Bia Food Initiative is currently looking for Charity Partners...

Bia Food Initiative is currently looking for Charity Partners who have a food budget and wish to expand their service or simply cut down on costs! Over the course of the next month, they will be holding three Open Days, and are inviting charities across Ireland to visit each of their depots to meet their team and find out more about how this wonderful community-centred approach to food surplus can support Ireland’s community sector.

Dublin Depot Open Day – Wednesday 6 April @ 1pm

Galway Depot Open Day – Tuesday 19 April @ 1pm

Cork Depot Open Day – Monday 25 April @ 1pm

For more information contact Eimear on 086 8123957 or at