Call on Electorate to Vote in Support Of Community and Voluntary Organisations

The Wheel has called on the electorate to vote for parties that have committed to support and develop the community and voluntary sector. 

Speaking in Dublin yesterday at a briefing on the parties’ election manifestos, Deirdre Garvey, Chief Executive Officer of The Wheel said: “With the social and economic crisis intensifying and hundreds of thousands of people fearing for their livelihoods and the wellbeing of their families and friends, the work of Ireland’s 7,500 charitable, community and voluntary groups is more important than ever.”

Ms Garvey said that the fact that most parties now have a policy towards the community and voluntary sector is a great improvement on the last election, when few parties did. “The Wheel is heartened to see that all of the major political parities have made commitments towards supporting and developing the sector.

“We know that people have many factors to consider before casting their vote, but we encourage voters to acquaint themselves with the parties’ position in relation to supporting the sector before making their decision”, said Ms. Garvey.”

The Wheel has published a detailed analysis of the main parties’ community and voluntary policies. It can be accessed at or click here to download a summary of the main parties' policies.