Boyzone Star Helps with Fundraising

In an inspired partnership of Irish pop and art, Keith Duffy (of Boyzone fame) has teamed up with a number of leading Irish artists to help raise funds for Irish Autism Action. The artists, including Pauline Bewick, Graham Knuttel and Helen Steele, have created new works for an exhibition that will eventually be auctioned off at the Keith Duffy Masquerade Ball in December.

Keith - whose daughter, Mia, is autistic – was on hand, along with artists Helen Steel and Denise Hussey, for the launch of the exhibition in Dublin on the 23rd September. The exhibition is now going on display in Appelby’s jewellers in Dublin, followed by well known jewellers Hugh Stathams in Naas, Keanes Cork and Keanes Limerick.

The theme of the exhibition – known as the ”Raymond Weil Timeless Creations” exhibition – is time. "This theme is fundamental to the early detection of autism, as parents race against the clock in order to identify the condition and avail of crucial early treatment," said a spokesperson for the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Further Information

Please click on the image below to visit the Irish Autism Action website.