Better Together: The Countdown Begins

There are less that two weeks left to submit your entry for the better Together! video competition.

To date over 50 community and voluntary organisations have submitted their videos to, and they are already reaping the benefits:

  • Increased traffic to their websites and online donation pages
  • A chance to make a public appeal (without spending a cent!)
  • The chance to win one of three €3,000 cash prizes.

The website is being promoted though a national radio, newspaper and online advertising campaign from 1 November. Don’t miss this chance to get free exposure for your organisation.

Don’t panic if you haven’t started working on your video, you have until 15 November (5pm) to submit. However, the sooner you post your video the more votes you are likely to get.

To get started, download ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ a beginner’s guide to making online videos. You can also upload an existing Youtube or Vimeo video.

Your video has to be shorter than two minutes to qualify for the competition. The competition rules are available here.

The purpose of the Better Together! Campaign is to help you get you message out. Don't miss this chance to put you organisation in the spotlight.