Beer Now Cheaper than Soft Drinks says Alcohol Action Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) is warning that some retialers are selling alcohol for less than the price of a soft drink, with a can of beer now costing as little as 67c. AAI Director Fiona Ryan said low-cost alcohol could encourage young people to binge drink and argued for a minimum price for alcohol.

"In this country it's possible to get significantly drunk -- not just tipsy -- for €6.

"But the reality is that cheap alcohol could be costing every man, woman and child in this country €650 a year in terms of health costs, public order costs and car crashes," she said.

A large supermarket was found to be selling 26 cans of strong German lager for €18, or 69c per 440ml can.

"When you consider that there's 1.5 units in each can, that's the equivalent of 39 units. (Aside from) the low-risk drinking limit, that's almost three times the (weekly) recommended limit for women and almost two times the recommended limit for men," Ms Ryan told the Irish Independent.

She said that while there may be a perception that alcohol is relatively expensive in Ireland, particularly in the bar trade, figures from the Central Statistics Office showed that alcohol prices had fallen by 4.6pc in the past 12 months.

Calling for minimum pricing, Ms Ryan said alcohol should also be priced according to its strength.

(Source: Irish Independent)