Ballyhea Bondholder Bailout Protest Run to the Dail


The people of Ballyhea (Co. Cork) are taking their protest about the bank bailout to a new level on 31 May.  A number of residents are running from Ballyhea to Dublin to highlight their continued opposition to the bailout of the banks and bond holders at the expense of the Irish people.
The runners are speaking to people and distributing leaflets in all the towns and villages en route to Dublin and they are asking for anyone along the way to come out and join them!
The Ballyea campaigners are not affiliated to any group or party and do not wish for this to become a party political occasion.
One Participant, Diarmuid O'Flynn, had this to say:
'I hate running, absolutely hate running, and a few weeks off 57, after decades of abuse on various hurling/rugby fields and even more construction sites, the body is in poor repair, the joints badly rusted, bits falling off here and there.  But I said I’d do it, I will do it, hand-deliver the anti-bondholder-bailout petition to the Dáil, on foot from Ballyhea to Dublin, running from town to town but with a protest march down every main street along the way, culminating in Dublin on the Friday morning.'
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