Apply Now for Social Innovation Fund's 'Resilient Communities Fund'

The Resilient Communities Fund is a partnership between Social Innovation Fund Ireland and Tomar Trust to find and back innovative projects that strengthen community resilience and have an economic, social and environmental impact. The Fund will provide critical supports to projects focused on making communities across Ireland safer, healthier, and more vibrant places to live.

Resilient Communities is a €400,000 awards fund, created by Social Innovation Fund Ireland in partnership with the Tomar Trust and the Department of Rural and Community Development. The Department of Rural and Community Development provides match funding for all philanthropic funds raised by Social Innovation Fund Ireland, via the Dormant Accounts Fund.

What is Community Resilience?

Community Resilience is a measure of the sustained ability of a community to respond to economic, social and environmental issues.

Deadline for applications: 31 January 2018

Significant development occurring across Ireland since the late 1990s has brought changes to settlements, transport patterns, and economic bases, and has altered the traditional rural/urban population balance. As a result of this shift, our rural and town communities are facing challenges to build sustainable economies, maintain public services, and retain young people; while our urban communities are burdened with increasingly unaffordable housing, longer commute times, more limited resources and stresses on infrastructure. Both urban and rural communities are facing potential impacts of climate change, such as adverse effects on water quality and increased risk of flooding. Community resilience thus represents the ability and effort of Irish communities to overcome all of these challenges for stronger, more vibrant communities that also deliver positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

What's On Offer?

The chosen awardees will receive a total grant award of between €40,000 and €100,000. The award will consist of a 75% cash grant and 25% in accelerator supports. Bespoke accelerator supports may include mentoring, strategic growth planning and access to SIFI’s networks.

Social Innovation Fund Ireland are looking for innovative projects that can demonstrate how they are strengthening community resilience whilst delivering economic, social and environmental impact for their localities.

Project Focus

Projects might focus on:

  • Economy – providing greater self-sufficiency, sustainability, and stability, while also providing increased opportunities for more people thereby tackling urban migration
  • Environment – increasing sustainability and reducing resource usage
  • Social – generating a positive sense of belonging, particularly for marginalised and vulnerable groups

Applicant projects must meet Social Innovation Fund Ireland standard criteria and specific fund criteria as listed below.

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