The AIB Better Ireland Programme is Open for Voting!

The AIB Better Ireland programme is giving €1.85 million to deserving childrens' projects all over Ireland. Local communities will have the final say in choosing 185 most deserving children's projects to receive funding. By voting YOU get to choose which group in your area gets €10,000 from their local AIB branch. So get texting!

Voting from 6th May until 6th June.

Each text vote costs 60c (including VAT) plus standard network charges, and all proceeds (after operator charges & VAT) will go to the relevant short-listed group, regardless of the final voting outcome.

AIB’s Better Ireland Programme received an overwhelming 1,300 applications for funding nationwide. These applications were then short-listed to 547 children’s projects. Applications ranged from a wide variety of groups including homework clubs, teen clubs, autistic services, community crèches, schools and colleges as well as drug and alcohol services for youth.

Local participation, local voting and local benefit are what the new AIB Better Ireland Programme is all about.

Vote Now – to find out which groups have been short-listed nationwide please read the AIB How to Vote guide and then get dialling!