Deadline Extension: Pay & Benefits Survey 2022 

Posted on 22 Jul 2022

The deadline to complete this survey has been extended until Friday, 12 August to accommodate organisations with staff on annual leave. 

Community, voluntary and charitable organisations are strongly encouraged to take part in this important survey that aims to develop a comprehensive overview of pay and benefits in the Irish nonprofit sector. 

95%+ of organisations surveyed earlier this year said that this data would be valuable to them, so we need your support to collect it and make it available. 

The survey results are invaluable to the sector and the resulting report will assist boards, policymakers, managers and staff to understand current trends and practices in relation to pay and conditions of employment in the sector. It is also an essential resource to HR departments as a benchmark for nonprofits assessing their own pay structures. 

The new deadline is Friday, 12 August, 2022. 

This survey is coordinated by The Wheel with the support of The Community Foundation for Ireland. 

Complete the survey

Please note that this survey must be carried out by someone with access to all pay and benefits data for your organisation.