2016 St Patrick’s Day Small Grants Scheme

The North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force invite applications for the St Patrick’s Day 2016 Small Grants Scheme for once-off funding to Community and Not-for-profit Voluntary groups/agencies who are working to tackle drug and alcohol misuse in counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

Deadline: Friday, 8 January 2016.

Grants will be awarded to projects with an Education/Prevention remit whose sole purpose will be the delivery of alternative, alcohol free events/activitiesfor St Patrick’s Day celebrations in March 2016.

Please find attached in respect of the above for your information and consideration:-

  1.      NWRDATF 2016 St Patrick’s Day Small Grants advertisement;
  2.     NWRDATF 2016 Terms and Conditions;
  3.     NWRDATF 2016 Small Grants Contract;
  4.     Interim National Drug Strategy 2009 – 2016.

Maximum award per applicant will be €1,500 and must directly relate to one of the Education/Prevention pillars and or actions of the National Drugs Strategy 2009 – 2016 (interim).

Deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, 8 January 2016.

Click here to visit the NWRDATF website where you can download all relevant forms.