2014 Fundraising Salary Survey Published

A new survey casts light on the pay and employment Fundraising Salary Survey conditions of  professional fundraisers in Ireland.

The survey was created by Charity Careers Ireland in partnership with Fundraising Ireland, Business to Arts and The Wheel and aims to capture important information on the salary, conditions and background of professional fundraisers in Ireland. As such, it will be an extremely useful resource for not-for-profits in Ireland in assisting them to recruit and retain fundraising staff.

The survey was undertaken by 162 professional fundraisers working in the Republic of Ireland during October 2014. 

Key findings include: 

  • The avarage salary for a Fundraising Administrator is €24,610, while the average salary for a Head of/Director of Fundraising  is €60,024.
  • Fewer than one in five fundraisers in the Republic of Ireland have a
    vocational qualification in fundraising.
  • Two-thirds of fundraisers in the Republic of Ireland (67.3%) are female. Irish fundraising’s gender imbalance increases at Manager-level with the female/male ratio increasing further (to 71%). The balance is restored at Director level with slightly more men than women becoming Directors of Fundraising, but no more so than Ireland’s population gender ratio.
  • The majority (57.3%) of fundraisers in the Republic are under the age of 40.
  • More than three-quarters of fundraisers (76.4%) have a degree.
  • Over a third (36%) of fundraisers in the Republic of Ireland believe they have not received appropriate training for their role.
  • Almost one in ten (9.3%) of fundraisers are financially incentivised.
  • One in nine (11.1%) of fundraisers work on a contractual or temporary basis.
  • Corporate Fundraising (14.2%) is the most common fundraising specialism amongst the respondents. Legacy Fundraising (2.6%) is the least common specialism. Around one in seven fundraisers in the Republic of Ireland are general fundraisers.
  • Marketing (19.8%), Events Management (15.4%), Sales (12.3%) and Administration (9.9%) are the most common backgrounds for fundraisers in the Republic of Ireland.