€124,000 Available for Children Living in Disadvantaged Areas

Do You Require Funding For A Children’s Health And Wellbeing Group In Your Local Community?

Applegreen in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation is providing €124,000 to fund not-for-profit, voluntary and charitable organisations supporting children aged 4-12 living in disadvantaged circumstances.

The goal of the Applegreen Blossom Fund is to support projects and programmes  which focus on the health and wellbeing of children. We want to celebrate and assist projects that promote either positive physical or mental health, healthy eating or other innovative ways of supporting children under this theme.

The organisation must be a:

Charitable organisation with a registered charity number working within a community


Not-for-profit organisation with a bank account and constitution

  • The fund is open to organisations working with children aged 4-12 living in disadvantaged circumstances in the ROI
  • The fund will be for grants of €2,000
  • There will be a regional spread of grants supporting projects across ROI with a focus on areas where Applegreen has a presence
  • Special consideration will be given to innovative or new programmes but the fund is also open to existing programmes with proven impact
  • Activities using the fund must be based in ROI
  • The organisation must be in operation for at least 12 months
  • Schools may not apply for the funding
  • Applicants for the fund must be over the age of 18 and have consent to make the application by their project director or board
  • The fund does not cover salary costs of an organisation but does fund programme facilitation/expertise costs if this expertise is required to deliver the programme.
  • None of the data collected from these applications will be shared by Irish Youth Foundation or Applegreen for use outside this grant application. If the applicant wants to be updated about further grant applications from the Irish Youth Foundation they may tick the relevant box in the online form
  • The organisation can provide a copy of their audited accounts/end of year accounts if requested
  • The organisation can provide a reference if requested.

The fund opens for application on the 16 April 2018 and closes on the 9 May 2018 at 6pm.

Learn more here, or email applegreenblossomfund@gmail.com for further information.