1% Difference Campaign Review

Following the successful launch in June 2013 and subsequent intense delivery of multi-media activity,  a review and analysis of the National Giving Campaign, now well established as the ’1% Difference’, has recently been completed. One of four key strategies of the Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising, the campaign was designed as a two year programme to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of philanthropy and planned giving amongt the general public, high net worth individuals, and corporates operating in Ireland
  • Create a favorable environment for Irish Charities to fundraise by increasing the understanding of the role and impact of the not for profit sector in Ireland, and issue a call to action to the general public, high net worth individuals and corporates to give more and to give more in a planned fashion to good causes.

In concrete terms, the 1% Difference Campaign is intended to generate:

  • Marked change in public and official attitudes to and understanding of philanthropy.
  • Increased awareness, understanding and credibility of philanthropy and planned giving amongst the general public, HNWIs and corporates
  • A more favourable environment for Irish charity fundraising
  • Increased understanding of the role and impact of not-for-profit sector in Ireland.

The integrated multi-media approach to date has been successful in fueling media, political and public discourse on giving in Ireland. One of the highlights of the campaign to date was the endorsement of the campaign by former President Bill Clinton which was followed by a highly successful National Giving Week in November 2013. Since the campaign commencement over 650 charities and causes have partnered with the campaign and there has been strong engagement with Corporate Ireland. Reaction to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. There has been surprisingly little negative comment given that people are being asked to give more at a time of national recession. Preliminary research suggests strong recall and awareness of the brand which provides a strong platform to build on for the next phase of the campaign. Planning for this is currently underway.

Read the 1% Difference Campaign Summary Progress Report Feb 2014 here.