£30,000 Carnegie Challenge Funding Announced for 2014 Wellbeing Debates

The Carnegie UK Trust is offering up to ten not-for-profit organisations from the UK and Ireland the opportunity to win grants worth £3,000 to hold inspiring debates on how to improve people’s wellbeing.

The Carnegie UK Trust has been at the forefront of debates on wellbeing, arguing that focusing on delivering economic growth as the sole indicator of social prosperity is flawed. Instead, the Trust believes the time is right for the UK and Ireland to shift its emphasis from economic production to improving people’s lives more broadly.

To qualify for the funding, the Trust asks that applications focus on high calibre debate and that activity should attract leading public policy thinkers and commentators.  It does not follow formal debating rules but all activity should include panellists with different perspectives.

The Carnegie Challenge aims to support events around the UK and Ireland that will:

  • deepen understanding of what influences individual and societal wellbeing;
  • explore how best to measure wellbeing and how this can be used to shape policy and practice; or
  • examine what practical steps can be taken by third sector organisations and governments to improve wellbeing.

Jennifer Wallace, Policy Manager at the Carnegie UK Trust said: “The Carnegie Challenge is in its fourth year and has become an important component of our drive to focus attention on wellbeing. The fund will help conference and debate organisers to attract high quality speakers and panellists. Carnegie Challenge events often involve speakers from overseas, exposing the UK and Ireland to the thinking of international experts".

“Given the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that we harness clear thinking and debate to improve the wellbeing of people across the UK and Ireland. The most successful Carnegie Challenge debates have brought together panellists from different perspectives, to explore issues in detail and engage the audience proactively in the debate. This fund is a key part of what the Carnegie UK Trust stands for and has strived to achieve over the last 100 years.”

Examples of previous successful Carnegie Challenge debates and further details on entry qualifications and how to apply can be found on the Carnegie Challenge webpage here. The next deadline for applications is 13 January, 2014.

The Carnegie UK Trust was established in 1913 by Scots-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  It seeks to improve the lives and wellbeing of people throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland through influencing public policy and demonstrating innovative practice. 

To change minds, the Policy Team seeks to develop objective, evidence-based policy to improve lives. The Trust’s work is focused on a set of three themes: enterprise and society, knowledge and culture and people and place. 

To change lives, the Trust’s Practice work takes forward the initiatives generated by policy and research, either the Trust’s own research or that developed by others, and developing them into practical pilot projects to be undertaken in partnership with other organisations interested in working in the same areas.

The Trust celebrates its centenary in 2013.

For information on these and other specific projects, go to: www.carnegieuktrust.org.uk.