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Posted on 20 Jul 2018 Last updated on 24 Nov 2021

Members of The Wheel can avail of 10% reduction on the Irish Giving Index

The Irish Giving Index is the only nonprofit sector tool which tracks and analyses the Irish fundraising landscape. Subscribers receive evidence-based updates on trends across a variety of fundraising metrics. The objective is to help your organisation make well-informed fundraising based decisions.

Understanding the drivers of fundraising trends enables fundraising teams to develop longer-term effective plans. The monthly and quarterly updates are tailored to the subscribers organisation and produced in user friendly format with self-explanatory graphics and supplementary text, where needed.

This enables improved planning, measurement and decision-making for all fundraising goals, thereby improving the organisation’s total fundraising performance.

How it works:

Subscribers to the index submit data and receive monthly and quarterly reports, containing verified insights on key performance indicators, such as:

  • fundraised income by method
  • gift levels
  • fundraising costs.

We show trends by subsector and organisation size, identifying which groups are driving changes and where your organisation is positioned vis-à-vis peer organisations.

Contact Dennis O’Connor or phone (086) 816 2278

About the Irish Giving Index by 2into3, a trusted supplier to The Wheel

The Irish Giving Index is one of the fundraising consultancy services offered by 2into3. 2into3's management consultancy service specialises in the Irish nonprofit sector. Since 2006, we have worked across all 11 subsectors that make up the sector, to develop organisational and fundraising strategies and to recruit talent. To date we have helped over 270 organisations to fund and deliver on their goals.


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