2into3: Irish Giving Index

Posted on 20 Jul 2018 Last updated on 17 Jun 2020

The Irish Giving Index is an aggregate of individual not-for-profit organisations fundraising income, costs and gift levels reported by quarter.

The overall objective is to inform organisations’ fundraising decision making through verified insights. Participants can use this report to update their senior management and boards and keep up to date with fundraising developments and reflect those changes in their fundraising approach and tactics.

Special Offer for Members of The Wheel: 25% discount year 1 and 10% each subsequent year. Funding Point members receive 50% discount year 1 and 10% discount each subsequent year.

Contact Darren.McMahon@2into3.com 086-792-4696.

About the Irish Giving Index by 2into3, a trusted supplier to The Wheel

2into3's management consultancy service specialises in the Irish nonprofit sector, in which 2into3 has worked with a range of organisations to create sustainable growth and tangible change. They identify the issues facing your organisation and work with your board and senior-level management to provide guidance and support in addressing your funding and organisational needs

The Irish Giving Index (previously Quarterly Fundraising Monitor) is one of the fundraising consultancy services offered by 2into3.