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This member profile is part of our 20th anniversary series, highlighting a few of the member organisations that have inspired us through the years. View more such impact stories here.

GREEN SOD IRELAND leading the way as Ireland’s first Land Trust…has been a member of The Wheel for over a decade and has developed and grown steadily in this rapidly changing charitable sector under the guidance of The Wheel.

Vision: Ireland – a country where ecosystems are thriving and flourishing. 

Mission: Establishing WildAcres across Ireland to create safe habitats, and facilitate the free movement of wildlife, vital for biodiversity.

Delivering ecological education across all sectors to encourage the proactive preservation of Nature

Empowering local communities

Protecting land for biodiversity was never more urgently needed.

There are three interconnected strands running in Green Sod Ireland:

  1. Establishing WildAcres (Land under protection) across Ireland; over 200 acres across 6 counties have been gifted and are being managed to promote biodiversity, health and well-being.
  2. Ecological Education (Primary/Secondary/Adult Initiatives).          

    Ecological Education Themes include: Wild Bees; Story of the Universe; Connecting with Nature; Earth Literacy; Sustainability and more…. all focussing on the impact on the natural world (climate and biodiversity) of the choices we make in the way we live.
  3. Addressing Community empowerment strongly aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Our community partners act with us as overseers of conservation; supporting transformative/sustainable development through collaboration. This approach has multiple benefits: participatory local community life; improving food and water security; protecting habitats to support biodiversity and addressing climate change.

Despite Ireland’s international image as a ‘green’ country with a wonderful natural heritage, it is patently obvious now that there is phenomenal pressure on wildlife and ecosystems. Transport, urban development and intensive management of agricultural land are driving rapid loss of biodiversity in Ireland. All of this ‘development’ has come at great cost to other species and ultimately to ourselves.

Green Sod Ireland was set up in 2007 and won a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award in 2013 for its work in addressing environmental challenges, for the sake of present and future generations.

The organisation is run by a Board of Directors (7 in number), none of whom profit financially from their involvement, an office administrator, and a core group of committed specialist advisors/volunteers, using the model of Organisational Complexity which offers an emergent approach to organisational change.

The work of Green Sod Ireland has been hugely supported by The Wheel who have shown and supported clear leadership all the way. Green Sod Ireland is committed to transparency and good governance and avails on a regular basis of the updated training offered by the Wheel. This is an opportunity for us to say, ‘thank you’ and congratulations on your 20th Anniversary.

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