Care After Prison

Posted on 20 Jul 2018

A member of The Wheel since 2012, Care After Prison believes everybody deserves a second chance and is able to turn their lives around with the right support.

Care After Prison tackles the following issues:

  1. The societal and economic obstacles ex-offenders face preventing them from full rehabilitation;
  2. The high recidivism rate, especially among those with short term sentences;
  3. Service users addiction, homelessness, poverty, poor physical and mental health, difficulties accessing education and employment, breakdown in relationships and more.

We believe everybody deserves a second chance and is able to turn their lives around with the right support.

Care After Prison offer one-to-one support through timely intervention and active listening. The keyworker encourages the service user to identify and work on the issues that may lead to recidivism. We also offer free access to a local gym. Improved physical health contributes positively to mental health. And opportunities to volunteer in a local community garden. Service users gain skills and work experience while giving something back to society. 

David (38) talks about the positive impact Care After Prison has had on his life:

 “I have gone through so many hard times and clinics but Care After Prison helped me so much. They opened my eyes to the bigger picture that there’s more to life than prison. I don’t know where I’d be without now without Care After Prison. It's keeping me clean, keeping me focused and my support worker is there to support me whenever I need it. My support worker helped me plan out my future, preparing me to start living independently and setting a daily routine which I never had before. I got so many opportunities to attending workshops and even getting to tell my life story to over 200 people. I am learning from all my past mistakes and gaining so many new skills and I am so grateful for what Care After Prison has done for me.”

Our approach is very successful. Around 90% of our service users do not reoffend; the national average of 40%. Our work also saves the exchequer considerably. It costs €69,421 to keep one person in prison for a year. It costs us about €500 to work with one prisoner per year. Ultimately our work contributes to a safer society.

Care After Prison is unique in the sense that our staff team includes those with lived experience of prison. Due to this, the level of trust between our keyworkers and service users is exceptionally high, which results in very successful intervention outcomes.  We offer support on an appointment and drop-in basis. We pride ourselves in creating a professional yet warm and welcoming service.