Insurance Offering to Members of The Wheel

Encouraging adherence to principles of good governance has always been a central concern for The Wheel in our relationship with our members.

Protection from Risk

An increasingly important aspect of good governance is protecting organisations against the myriad of risks to which they are exposed. As you are aware, The Wheel developed and distributed its 'Reducing the Risk' good practice guide to all members for free in 2009. You will also know that a very important way of mitigating many of the risks our organizations face is through effective insurance.  

The Wheel is delighted to announce that, after a tender process, BHP Insurance Brokers Ltd has been selected to develop and maintain a new group purchasing insurance scheme available exclusively to members of The Wheel with the main insurance covers provided by Ecclesiastical Insurance company.

This new insurance facility will be exclusively available to members of The Wheel.

An All New Membership Benefit

Members, are encouraged to use this opportunity to review their current insurance provision, and to consider this cost-saving and effectiveness-raising offer that we are facilitating via the partnership with BHP. 

See what our members say:

"A savings of €350 for SAI in a matter of 30 minutes work.  Thanks for your help to SAI - our membership dues to the wheel are now more than covered by the savings!" - Daniel Tabb

BHP specialise in group purchasing arrangements and in servicing the needs of organisations in the not-for-profit sector, including charities, voluntary organisations and social housing.

A very important way of mitigating many of the risks our organizations face is through effective insurance. 

We have done our homework in partnering with a group which can deliver both savings as well as knowledgeable support about insurance and wider risk-mitigation challenges facing our organisations.  The more members that join up, the more savings will be made across members' organisations.

Next Steps

Read more about the cover offered.

Contact Brian Walsh at The Wheel on 01 454 8727 or for more information.

To obtain a quotation from BHP, please contact Laura on 01 6202030

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